Try on any apparel in seconds
Clofit — online fitting room to try on any apparel on your photo
70% of people have doubts when shopping online: "How will this thing look on me?"
Because of this, stores and marketplaces lose
$128.474.598.912 in returns annually
Clofit helps the customer to try the item on his photo and significantly reduce the likelihood of return
as well as...
Boost conversion rates
Increase customer trust
Reduce the cost of returns

How does it work for the user?
Upload your photo
Upload a full-length photo, preferably against a plain background. Our algorithm will build a 3D body model from the photo.
Select an item
Choose the item you like and upload a photo of it. We will take into account all the nuances of style and fabric and use this photo for fitting.
Try it on online
After receiving your photo and photo of the thing, our algorithm will try the thing on the 3D model and generate your photo with the selected thing.
Buy the best fit
Try on the things you like and buy the one that fits you best!
How does it work under the hood?
Building a 3D model
Our algorithm extracts information about pose, silhouette, and other shape parameters from a person's photo. The data are then processed by a trained model based on neural networks to produce a full 3D representation of the person.
Removing the background
We remove the background from the clothing photo and transform the image to impose it on the 3D view
Trying things on
Fitting an item on the virtual model of the client is done with the help of the GAN models. Based on hundreds of thousands of examples, the neural network learns how to correctly match any clothing and person and generate a photorealistic fitting image.
Consider the details
We take into account the style and texture of the garment during the fitting process, so that the image of the client with the garment is as realistic as possible. In this way we achieve fast algorithm speed without losing quality.
Who We Are
14 extremely motivated and highly skilled professionals.
Arseniy Poyezzhayev
CEO & founder
Nikita Lozhnikov
CTO & co-founder
Oleg Durygin
Head of Data Science & co-founder
Aida Meirman
Chief Commercial Officer & co-founder
Technology preview
Click the images to change a person or clothes item. All the images are of real people and clothes from real catalogues.
Your photo
Use simple pose for photo
Try-on result
Your look is ready!
Item photo
Any photo from a catalogue
Customer's photo
Full length photo for clothes try-on
Clothes item photo
Any clothes from a catalogue
Try-on result
Your look is ready!
Request live demo
We will contact you to provide with an access to a private page where you will be able to interact with the technology.
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