Launch fully automated shops
with our AI service
How it works for shoppers:
- Customers authorise in the app at the entrance
- If customers are registered and have their card linked, authorisation is successful, customers can enter the shop
- Feature of the face ID can be added.
- Customers can take a plastic bag or a shopper at the entrance
- Customers do their grocery shopping and their basket is evaluated based on live video stream.
- Customers proceed to the exit and the value of their basket gets frozen
- If their funds are sufficient they can leave the store
How it works for retailers:
Video infrastructure
Arrange camera placements and video streams compilation
Implement computer vision models to analyze the video streams in the real time
Optimize your resources and processes based on analysis results
Additional features for retail analytics
Shelf analysis
Analyze shelves and create a notification system to control following KPI:
- Out of stock
- On shelf availability
- Correct price tags (high resolution cameras are needed)
- Planogram complience
- Share of shelf
- POSM placement
Staff control
Use computer vision to track staff productivity:
- Control if staff is performing daily tasks on time
- Track delays and create a notification system
- Face recognition (can be developed as a separate function)
- Detect potential fraud risks
Customer journey
Analyze customer behaviour using computer vision technology:
- Track which sections are mostly overlooked or passed by to adjust the supermarket plan
- Track which sections customers spend most time in
- Get a customer movement heat map
- Price POSM placements according to "hottest" spots
Queue and Safety control
Before implementing "Enter - Shop - Leave" framework* without cashiers you can add following features:
- Control excessive queues and signal for another cash point to open
- Control fraud and theft risks and signal your security system

* After the product is fully launched these functions will not be needed
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